27 december 2010

Sir Toby's, Malmö

Sir Toby's, Malmö
Burger: Sir Toby's Chilli burger

Taste:               3/10
Freshness:         2/5
Appearance:       2/5
Price:                 2/5

Total               9/25 - Poor burger
Standard burger, bad service.. waited one hour for this crap.

Price: 85 SEK [12 USD - 9,5 EUR] ?

Really not a good burger, at all!

24 november 2010

Haket, Helsingborg

Haket, Helsingborg

Burger: Hakets Hemlagad grillad brugare [Cheese]

Taste:               3/10
Freshness:         2/5
Appearance:       4/5
Price:                 2/5

Total               11/25 - Poor burger
Standard burger, poor taste, nothing good about it

Price: 85 SEK [12 USD - 9,5 EUR]

Poor burger!

17 november 2010

Bakfickan, Malmö

Bakfickan, Malmö

Burger: Bakfickans Brugare [Cheese, bacon and pickles]

Taste:               6/10
Freshness:         4/5
Appearance:       4/5
Price:                 3/5

Total               17/25 - average burger
Standard burger with a litlle bit extra feeling. Nice when you are in a hurry.
Price: 125 SEK [18 USD - 14 EUR]

Average burger with pickles - which is a good "extra"

De Laveras, Brussels

De Laveras, Brussels

Burger: Madame [Egg and Bacon]

Taste:               4/10
Freshness:         3/5
Appearance:       4/5
Price:                 3/5

Total               14/25 - average burger
The taste of the meat was above expectations. It was a very smooth taste and the pretty juicy beef. Everything else on the burger was completely dry and un satisfactory.
Price: 12 EUR [15,5 USD]

Could have been a better burger with some extra juicy ingredients [like mayo etc]

8 november 2010

Burger King, Copenhagen Airport

BurgerKing, Copenhagen Airport.

Burger: Whopper Pinjata  [Jálapenos, nachos and Salsa]

Taste:                         6/10
Freshness                   4/5
Appearance:             4/5
Price                            2/5

Total                          16/25

Total                   16/25 -  average burger
The taste is totally OK, rather spicy, which is good.
Very hectic, non-personal service. 
Price: 79 DDK. [ 15 USD - 10 EUR ] 

Far from the most perfect burger experience ever.

3 november 2010

Welcome to The Burger Journal

Dear Friends,

It has finally happend! The Burger Journal is now opened.
Please enjoy my journey around the world for the most perfect burger.

Read it and weep. This will be powerful!