20 december 2012

Flippin Burgers, Stockholm - Sweden

Flippin Burgers, Stockholm - Sweden
Burger: Flippin [classic double cheese burger]

Taste:                           7/10
Freshness                    4/5
Appearance:                 4/5
Price                             3/5

Total                          18/25

Total                      18/25 - Pretty good burger
Flippin Burgers is probably Swedens most mentioned burger shack. The line outside is long and you are almost not welcomed when finally seated. I got the feeling that they wanted us out of there as soon as possible in order to seat new people. Perhaps the owner has a secret love to the economist Mr Adam Smith and his assembly line principals.

However.. the burger was totally OK. The fries were not better than McDonald's, unfortunately. If you are up for an hour in a que to get a table you should defiantely try it out, but DON'T HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS. This burger shack will not give you a 1st class travel ticket to the world of gourmet burgers.
Price: 125 SEK. [ 19 USD - 14 EUR ]

It's a must-try-place in Stockholm, but don't expect much.