20 december 2012

Grill Ruby, Stockholm - Sweden

Grill Ruby, Stockholm - Sweden
Burger: Cheese burger [bacon was added]

Taste:                           5/10

Freshness                    4/5

Appearance:                 4/5
Price                             3/5

Total                          16/25

Total                      16/25 - Totally OK burger
Grill Ruby has pretty good reviews and their burger has been named as one of the best burgers in Stockholm. I DO NOT AGREE. There are several burgers that are way better. But the place is very nice and they serve good drinks. If you are in the neighbourhood you should definately go pass by, but choose something else from the menu.

The burger is thick, which I like, but maybe a litlle bit too compact. Unfortunately they did not ask for how I wanted the burger. I got it well done - which is one certain way to destroy a burger. 

Price: 214 SEK. [ 33 USD - 25 EUR ]

Try their drinks, they are GOOD!