17 februari 2013

Casual Street Food, Malmö - Sweden

Casual Street Food, Malmö - Sweden
Burger: Double Cheese burger [cheese and caramelized onion]

Taste:                           8/10
Freshness                    5/5
Appearance:                 4/5
Price                             3/5

Total                          20/25

Total                      20/25 - Best burger in Malmö!
Casual Street Food in Malmö is fairly new. Nice interior, good music and fantastic personel. The burgers are thin, which is the only negative thing to say about them. A thicker burger would give the burger more taste of meat. However, the onions are a hugh plus. Not many places can make caramelized onions that good! Almost as good onions as Minettas Tavern in New York! 
Unfortunately the price is a little bit to high - but it's worth it! 

Price: 110 SEK. [ 18 USD - 13 EUR ] + plus 10sek for fries, + 5sek for dip sauce

Best burger joint in Malmö, Sweden!