15 november 2012

Bronx Burgerbar, Malmö - Sweden

Bronx Burgerbar, Malmö - Sweden
Burger: Mr Smith [beef, cheddar cheese and bacon]

Taste:                           5/10
Freshness                    4/5
Appearance:                 3/5
Price                             2/5

Total                          14/25

Total                      14/25 - Not-a-that-good burger
The servant asked how we wanted the meet. I order madium-rare, got well done. My fellow collueges asked for medium and got well done, even though they talked a lot about how juicy the meat gets if ordered medium - OOOOH -  THEY WERE WRONG! 

Price: 109 SEK. [ 16 USD - 12,5 EUR ]

The Swedish saying: "gör om, gör rätt" fits perfectly for this restaurant