11 november 2012

The Counter, New York - USA

The Counter, New York - USA
Burger: Made to order [beef burge, bacon, swiss cheese and roasted garlic aioli]

Taste:                           9/10
Freshness                    5/5
Appearance:                 5/5
Price                             5/5

Total                          24/25

Total                      24/25 - Really, REALLY GOOD burger
This burger is really good. The made to order system makes it very easy to make it even more perfect. The beef was really nice. A top-notch-burger! I would recommend all to visit The Counter. DO IT! Oh, and by the way - YOU MUST TRY THEIR GARLIC/PARMESAN FRIES. I have never eaten better fries! OMG OMG!!!

Price: 80 SEK. [ 12 USD - 9,5 EUR ]

The Counter - I LOVE YOU!!