11 november 2012

Minettas Tavern, New York - USA

Minettas Tavern, New York - USA
Burger: Black Label Burger [prime dry-aged beef and caramelized onions - that's it!]

Taste:                           12/10
Freshness                    6/5
Appearance:                 6/5
Price                             6/5

Total                          30/25

Total                      30/25 - The-best-thing-I-have-ever-eaten - burger.
This burger is really really really good. The meat in this burger is all you ever need. Seriously. This burger is beyond everything. It's hard to find words to describe this. The meet comes from La Frieda, best butcher in NYC.

Price: 175 SEK. [ 26 USD - 20 EUR ]

Minettas, I find now words to describe your perfection! Best burger in the world!