11 november 2012

Shake Shack, New York - USA

Shake Shack, New York - USA
Burger: ShackBurger [cheddar cheese]

Taste:                           8/10
Freshness                    5/5
Appearance:                 4/5
Price                             5/5

Total                          22/25

Total                      22/25 - God damn good burger!
Standing in line to order and then standing in line to get your stuff for about 30-45 min doesn't matter. It's worth it. Oh yeah, it is! A really good burger. The meet comes from La Frieda, which is a good quality stamp, best freeeeking butcher in NYC! 

Price: 30 SEK. [ 4,5 USD - 3,5 EUR ]

Shake Shack, I am glad I met you! You sure know how to make a perfect burger!