11 november 2012

The Spotted Pig, New York - USA

The Spotted Pig, New York - USA
Burger: Chargrilled burger [roquefort cheese]

Taste:                           8/10
Freshness                    5/5
Appearance:                 5/5
Price                             5/5

Total                          22/25

Total                      23/25 - B-E-A-UTIFUL BURGER!
As the spotted pig has a michellin star, you kind of expect the best. And they deliver the best! Oh My God! For some, the roquefort cheese may not be the best alternative on the burger, and to be honest, it kind of take over. BUT, the beef it self is absolutely perfect! 

Price: 135 SEK. [ 20 USD - 16 EUR ]

Only place in the world where you can eat a michellin-stared burger! NICE! I love it!